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a C.V. Consulting Team service

Starting from many Years ago we organized more than two hundreds Internship Projects in Italy.

The Internship Projects are organized with the collaboration of Companies that are typical of the Italian Market and have a duration from 4 weeks to 6 months.

The  Market Sectors mostly requested by the Students are: Hotels, Restaurants, Travel Agencies, Theaters, Events Organizations, Fashion, Man or Woman Tailoring, Communication&Publicity offices, Press, Photo Agencies, Architecture&Building Companies, Websites Designing, Schools, Lawyers Organizations, Cinema & TV, Ice cream preparation, Internal designing, Antique restoring, …

Students (normally 18/45) coming from Extra European Countries must have a "Permission to Stay".

At the end of each Project the Student have a Certificate on the Job made with the matters learned in.

A medium knowing of Italian Language is needed and for this purpose we organize 4/16 weeks courses together with the major Schools as Dilit International House of Rome and Centro Fiorenza of Florence.

Our Internship Projects combine the study of Italian with a Job experience in an Italian Company.

Students who have not yet chosen a specific career or People who already work but would better knowing a kind of specialised Job sure would find our Internship Projects very helpful to combine the study of Italian with a period of unpaid Internship in Companies or Business Organisations that will involve them in important, interesting, specialised and challenging works.

This kind of Projects offers a valuable opportunity for the Student to become acquainted with a foreign professional environment and widen the student’s horizons while learning specific terminologies or technologies or particular Marketing Area as Jewellery, Leather items, Art, Theatre, Events Producing... and while entering in contact with organizations which can be useful for their future professional life.

The program offers Students a great opportunity to use and improve their language skills and at the same time come into direct contact with a working environment which in many cases is peculiar to Italy.





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